Sports Rehabilitation

At the National Sports Injury Clinic, we can provide a complete service from treatment and diagnostics right through to rehabilitation. We offer physiotherapy along with additional services such as cryotherapy and sports therapy.

Cryotherapy (Ice Bath)

Cryotherapy uses low temperatures to help treat sports injuries. Usually most of the body will be immersed in a bath of icy water for a limited duration. Many athletes benefit from using cryotherapy after a period of intense exercise with the belief that it speeds up recovery. Cryotherapy can also reduce delayed onset muscle soreness.


Physiotherapy in sports medicine aims to restore movement when someone is affected by a sports injury. It can also help reduce your risk of injury or illness in the future. Shea McAleer is our resident Specialist Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapist and is available Monday – Friday at the National Sports Injury Clinic. We are also happy to work with your Physiotherapist should you already have one.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage, also known as remedial massage or deep tissue massage, is the methodical manipulation of muscle and other soft tissues, and is beneficial for both sports people and non-sports people alike in treating muscular injuries, and speeding up recovery time. At the National Sports Injury Clinic we can arrange a sports massage for you. Simply ask your Consultant who will be able to provide more information.

Isokinetic Machine

Strength and muscular endurance can be measured extremely accurately through the use of an isokinetic machine, the data from these tests can then be used to help us to plan a patient’s rehabilitation activities. Isokinetic Machines are effective in measuring muscles strength and comparison against the opposite limb is always made. This ensures a quantifiable result. If we feel that your treatment will benefit from an isokinetic test, your consultant will arrange an appointment.

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